Vidyartha eyes B2C market

Vidyartha eyes B2C market

Vidyartha eyes B2C market

Data-driven learning guidance platform Vidyartha, which was acquired by education tech-startup Byju’s early this year, has onboarded 150 schools in just three weeks and targets to onboard 2,000 schools by the end of this new academic year.

Founded in 2011 by Priya Mohan and Navin Balan, Vidyartha is focused on providing customised learning guidance as an experience to students from Class 8 to 12. Even after acquisition, Vidyartha will remain as a separate entity, and the company’s managing director and co-founder Navin Balan said, “Both Byju’s and Vidyartha compliment each other. While our earlier model was only B2B, now we are into the B2C market as well, where even students can enroll on their own.”

When asked whether Vidyartha changed its business model after Byju’s acquisition, he said, “We started the model even before the acquisition, as this one can be scaled up unlike our previous model. We are targeting one million students by the end of this fiscal.”

The platform guides students by finding their aspiration, aptitude and the current performance. “These assessments are used to derive a solution in realising students’ true potential. They can even compare their scores with that of others and understand where they stand exactly. If you take schools, when they look at dashboard, it will be a kind of eye-opener for them,” explains Balan.

Under the current programme, schools can opt for free 12-month sign up, and then they can upgrade anytime by paying a certain amount. “By upgrading, we could provide them a full-fledged assessment programme, which will have lot of in-depth details,” he said.

Vidyartha is confident that in the next four months they will turn profitable. “We are targeting Tier II cities first, and then we will come to metros,” he said.

Talking about the EdTech space, Balan said there is a lot of space for innovation. “At this point, we are not facing any competition in this space, and we have committed to milestones and scaling up our entity fast,” he concluded.