Diarrhoea outbreak in Mathura continues; ice factory sealed

Diarrhoea outbreak in Mathura continues; ice factory sealed
The death toll due to diarrhoea outbreak in six villages here has mounted to 13, an official said today.

District Magistrate Arvind Mallappa Bangari said a ban on manufacturing and sale of chuski and ice candy was imposed in Mat Tahsil, after a team of doctors from Lucknow attributed the deaths to consumption of ice candy or shaved ice along with consumption of contaminated water.

The authorities have sealed an ice factory in Raya and are raiding several others, he said.

"None of the fresh deaths has taken place in government hospitals," Bangari said as he attributed all the three deaths to private doctors.

Chief Medical Officer R K Nayyar said that 46 patients, mostly children are still hospitalised, and out of the 350 patients reported in OPD today, 250 were suffering from vomiting and loose motions.

He said 40,000 chlorine tablets for affected villages of each of the two blocks are being distributed through Ashas, he said.

Nayyar has also advised villagers to consume chlorinated water, by dissolving one tablet in 10 litres of boiled and then cooled water, besides deferring use of cut fruits especially watermelon, chuski or ice candy, sugarcane juice and un-chlorinated water.

Bangari said the responsibility of supply of clean water has also been fixed on kiln owners and they would be held responsible if any death occurs.

He appealed the villagers to take the benefit of the medical facility made available by the administration.

Round-the-clock facility for carrying patients to district hospitals has been made through the ambulance, he said.

He also added that he would be sending CDO Yashu Rastogi to affected villages on Monday to access the treatment given to patients and to convince the villagers to avail the facility available in Government hospital or CHCs.
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