Sula to promote wine tourism in Karnataka

Sula to promote wine tourism in Karnataka

Winemaker and vintner Sula Vineyards has joined hands with Bengaluru’s Heritage Winery, in a bid to strengthen its market presence in Karnataka, which is the company’s second largest market in the country, after Maharashtra.

Sula Vineyards Vice President — Marketing Cecelia Oldne said, “The association with Heritage is the start of interesting times for Sula. We are impressed with the quality of wines coming from this region. While Heritage will continue to produce its popular wines, soon we will be ready to launch the first Sula wine from this region.” Further, the company will focus on developing wine tourism at the vineyards of Heritage. Wine tourism at the Nashik vineyards contributes to 25% of the company’s revenues. The facility saw about 2.5 lakh visitors last year.

“Wine tourism is picking up in a big way in India. This year, the company plans to develop wine tourism at the Heritage vineyards, as Bengaluru and surrounding areas have a sprawling customer base for such activities,” Cecelia said.

Stacking up the rack

On the back of a strong sales and distribution channel, the company is ready to expand its product portfolio, with additions from its production as well as imports.

The most interesting addition to its suite — India’s first grape spirit whiskey from the house of Sula — will be launched in July.

“Last year, Sula introduced brandy, so whisky was the natural step this time around,” she said, adding that the new product — Eclipse — has great value proposition.

Currently, 60% of Sula’s retail comprises its own wine and brandy production, and the remaining comprises imports.
“Sula selections, which is the company’s import arm, currently has around 35 labels, and we have a lot of launches lined up this year. It is one of our focus areas. Last year, imports shot up by 70%,” she said, adding that vodka will be a new addition to the range that already offers rum and tequila alongside wine.

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