We need our batsmen to fire

We need our batsmen to fire

We need our batsmen to fire

At the Feroze Shah Kotla, having lost the toss, we were initially done in by David Warner. The Daredevils lost three quick wickets but the Aussie’s daredevil attitude, was the real saving grace for his side.

We needed someone to counter Warner’s stroke-full batting when we resumed our innings. Definitely, it was the first thing in our minds but we realised, it would be easier said than done.

The ball was gripping and coming on to the bat so slowly that stroke-making seemed very much like an out-of-the-syllabus question. Even a Dirk Nannes, who likes to generate as much pace as possible, was rolling his fingers over. Warner pushed the run-rate while the pitch was fresh and the quicks were bowling.

We did miss out on Shane Bond, against Delhi and definitely looking forward to his presence on our home turf. Bond’s presence at the beginning does make a difference.

We take on Deccan Chargers in a situation much different from the first encounter. They have settled down since that first match and should be a much more competitive unit. We need to dig deep and find our bearings as a batting unit. Big innings is due from many of us and I wish we show our true colour in this match. It is not as if no one is feeling the pinch. The Gayles, the Husseys and the Bonds definitely have a reputation to defend and so do others.

When one walks out on the park, there is only one desire in the heart of any cricketer, that is to deliver the best for the team and also for oneself. But one has to take into account the cricketing aspects, which do have an influence on the game and in shaping the results.

That we still stand a chance can’t just be on paper anymore, but needs to be immediately effective on the ground.

I don’t believe it’s a very difficult matter and doesn’t seem to be a mission which is impossible. We have won three matches in the first leg. From the next seven due in the second leg we have to up our performance a little more and make amends in the areas where we floundered.

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