'I want to try comedy'

Gandhinagar Grapevine

'I want to try comedy'

Radhika Chetan redefined thriller movies in Sandalwood with ‘U Turn’ and ‘RangiTaranga’.

The actor is back with yet another thriller project, ‘BB5’, that hit the screens on Friday.

The artiste, who will be seen in a bubbly avatar in the project, is excited about her new outing and talks to Tini Sara Anien about her role and the journey ahead.

Are you excited or nervous?

Every time a new movie comes out, I am a bundle of nerves. Yet I am also excited. How the audience will accept the role is something only time can tell and I have my fingers crossed.

What can the audience expect from the movie?

The audience can expect two hours two minutes and 22 seconds of twists and turns in one project, which will keep them at the edge of their seats.

Tell us about your role...

I play a very lively and energetic character called ‘Kruthi’ in the movie. She is a college student and is far
from any role, I have essayed till now.

How challenging was the role?

This role helped me to push myself beyond my comfort zone. Talking continually and being bubbly and energetic is far from what I am. People who know me say that I am quite a reserved person. However, I want to make my mark in the industry and this role was a breakthrough that way. 

What is one genre you want to try?

I want to try comedy. Playing a comic role is a huge responsibility as the timing and expressions play a very crucial role.

Things you’ve learnt from your experiences...

Every profession has its own share of challenges and difficulties. I have learnt to respect people. Whatever small or big role a person has in a project and however their performance is, it takes a lot to do the work that every artiste does.

What is your mantra as an actor?

I keep pushing myself to be a better actor with every project that I do. I want to be remembered for the quality of roles I take up, rather than just the screen time.

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