A scintillating murder mystery

A scintillating murder mystery

Film review

A scintillating murder mystery

Kannada (U/A) ***
Cast: Radhika Chethan,
Poornachandra Mysuru,
Rajesh Nataranga, Rashmi Prabhakar, B M Giriraj
Director: Janardhan N

There is no end to talented newbies trying their prospects on Sandalwood marquee. Joining such promising aspirants, who interestingly are rewriting content driven matrix of Kannada cinema, is Janardhan N.

With intriguing, tantalising title, debutant writer-director ensures his BB5 turns out pulse pounding, edge-of-the-seat noir thriller. 

Technically polished, BB5, running two hours, two minutes and twenty-two seconds, focuses on local film industry and its beguiling ways.

It centres around two talented and ambitious people - Atharva, budding writer and Desai, highly renowned filmmaker. While Atharva aspires to attain success and polishes his talent under Desai’s tutelage, the latter, however, cleverly takes advantage of the young writer to pursue his own project using unsuspecting Atharva to script on a plot based on his experiences.

Against the backdrop of police investigation into double murders that shakes up city, BB5 spotlights on whether Atharva realises he has been used as pawn. If so, what happens next. Ensemble acting by the cast ensures audiences are engrossed in the neat thriller. However, poor production values are visible due to budgetary constraints as also Janardhan’s own shortcomings.

Chethan Kumar’s background score, which boasts of two songs, provides necessary feel to the film. BB5 is worth your weekend at movies for that edgy ride, being an appreciative effort off the beaten track.

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