Monkey on shoulder causes bus accident

Monkey on shoulder causes bus accident

Kumar Prabhakaran, 22, ran a minibus in west Delhi and the monkey was his regular companion on the bus, a police officer said.

He was driving smoothly but suddenly the monkey, that was sitting on his shoulder, decided to jump out of the vehicle. "In a bid to catch the monkey, the driver lost control over the vehicle and it rammed into a house in Vikaspuri area of west Delhi," the officer said.

There were two people on board the bus when the incident took place but nobody was injured. Police has warned Prabhakaran against taking his pet in the bus.

"We have strictly told him not to take the monkey in the bus as it can create a big problem some day," the officer added.

Elephants, camels, monkeys, not to speak of cattle are common sights on roads in India, but a simian companion of a bus driver still made news.