Track the calories

Track the calories

Fitness goals

Track the calories

Technology is increasingly becoming indispensable in the area of  fitness. Various gadgets are now used to calculate movements or activities of a user, like walking, cycling, swimming, to estimate the number of calories that are being burnt.

All fitness trackers require an app in order to connect to a smartphone device. The smart phones act as indicators.  Many new trackers now can track fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption, and in some cases heartbeat and quality of sleep.

Anish K, a gym trainer and fitness advisor, is vocal about his appreciation for wearable technology. He says, “The watches that are used are not just very technically impressive but are also a source of  motivation to keep yourself fit. The fact that you measure your activities helps you know how fit you are. I insist that clients who train with me have this watch.”

If cycling is your passion, there are gadgets that help you keep a dedicated  record of your rides.

These gadgets can fit on your cycle’s handlebars and have built-in GPS connectivity, which only adds to the charm.

Desh Muthanna, an avid cyclist, does not venture out without his watch. He says, “I cycle for long distances  almost every Sunday and it’s quite fun to know the distance I have covered. These gadgets helps me to be accurate in that aspect. They also guide me on the right track  when I seem
to be lost. Apart from being a true motivation to maintain at least a certain level of activity, they look cool too.“

As technology has become smaller and smarter, wearing it has become a matter of pride for the fitness freaks. Whether it's smartwatches, fitness trackers or even apparel that has in-built tracking, it all seem to be a boon for those who don’t mind spending a few thousands to live a healthy life.

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