The sweet calling

The sweet calling

Passionate venture

The sweet calling

Homebaker Reshma D’Souza likes baking cakes and a variety of other goodies for different occasions. Known for her delicate, flavourful creations, she spreads the love of baking by putting up stalls at events and conducting bake-sales in the city.
A proud mother of two, she manages it all with ease and whips up almost 20 baked cheesecakes and chocolate cakes. Reshma talks to Tapan Menezes about her journey in the culinary world so far.

When did you take to baking?
I was always the one to make desserts at home but it wasn’t until I came across a chocolate cheese cake recipe that I started thinking about baking seriously. At that time, I had a knitting business, which wasn’t doing too well. After a lot of research, I started my baking venture ‘Sweetstuff’ as an extension of my knitting business ‘Stuff’.

What do you feel makes your cakes unique?
I prepare my own ingredients like cream cheese and I believe that you should be able to feel the flavours in every portion of a dessert. So most of my cakes carry the flavours throughout the layers and not just on the top.

Which is your favourite baked dish?
It’s my very own toss-up between crème caramel and tiramisu. I also love certain chocolate cakes.

Any difficulties that you face while working?
Fondant cakes are very tough to make and the fact that I have two small children makes it even more difficult to manage.

A time you went above and beyond for a customer.
The most challenging order I’ve received was for a whole wheat eggless cake with no artificial flavouring to be used in it. It made me nervous as I don’t do much eggless baking, let alone whole wheat. And it was for a little kid’s birthday so it had to look nice. Luckily, it all went off well and the customer was so happy that she ordered it again less than a week later.

The most challenging aspect of being a baker...
Time and space. Baking involves a lot of pans, tools and packaging material. It’s not easy to store all that as well as the ingredients. I’m a completely self-taught baker except that I have attended a few classes in decoration. It’s tough to master the skill unless you have true passion and patience.

What are your other favourite pastimes?
I love music. I love to sing and grab every opportunity to do that. I also love organising events. I am presently engaged in a residential bakers convention in Goa, called ‘Cake Me Away’, where 18 of  the best bakers are demonstrating on one platform.

Your philosophy in life.
Don’t worry about something that is not happening. Go where your heart takes you. And of course ‘Life is short, Eat dessert first!’

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