This auto driver violated traffic rules 116 times!

This auto driver violated traffic rules 116 times!

An auto driver from Sudhamanagar near Lalbagh, Saleem Pasha, has violated traffic rules 116 times but has never paid a fine.

The Bangalore city traffic police published details of the owners of 500 vehicles which repeatedly violated traffic rules in the city, on their Twitter handle ‘@blrcitytraffic’ on Thursday. Saleem Pasha was one of the people on the list.

A maxi cab, registered in the name of G Sarojamma, a resident of Chikka Venkatappa Layout, violated traffic rules 105 times. Auto drivers have figured several times in the list. Narayanappa, from Udayanagar, violated rules 102 times and Subhash, an auto driver from Hombegowdanagar, 101 times.

The traffic police have already issued notices to all these drivers. Since none of them had paid any fine, the police made their names public. They said they would also go to the violators’ residences to recover the fine.

“Because no fine was collected, some drivers repeatedly violate rules. Senior officers have decided to make the jurisdictional ACP’s duty to collect the fine,”  traffic police said.