A North Indian sojourn

A North Indian sojourn

Authentic fare

A North Indian sojourn

Want to indulge in some North Indian delights and don’t know where to head to? ‘29 Degree North’, located in Banaswadi, serves snacks and combo meals that can prove to be the right solution for one’s cravings.

Be it a Delhi ‘chaat’ or a proper meal, the eatery has it all. “We call ourselves ‘29 Degree North’ because of the latitude of Delhi. The name is supposed to clearly communicate that we have a lot of North Indian food to offer on a platter,” says Anil Sarin, the owner. He adds that this eatery, which started four years back, concentrated on snacks but slowly moved to full-fledged meals.

“We wanted to introduce ‘chatpata’ items and stayed away from South Indian snacks as they are available in plenty in the city,” he says.

From ‘Masala poori’, ‘Papri chaat’, ‘Dahi poori’ and ‘Dahi kachori’ to ‘Samosa choley chaat’ and ‘Jhal moori’, the eatery has all possible tangy options for the snack lover in you. “We added meals because we started getting enquiries from people about lunch and dinner options. We were serving ‘paratha’ and people started asking for more. That’s when we realised the need for more meal options,” he adds.

It was when Anil was staying away from home that he felt the need for safe and healthy food options. “I wanted people to have simple and satisfying options to indulge in. When one chooses to eat at our restaurant, I don’t want them to feel stuffed. It was a homely meal that I wanted to serve everyday,” he says.

Combo meals like the ‘North Special’, which includes a ‘tawa or tandoori plain paratha’, butter naan or ‘fulka’, paneer dish, ‘dal tadka’, dry veg, basmati jeera rice, ‘raita’, salad, ‘papad’ and ‘jamun’, are the highlight of the menu. “Our customers keep coming back for other meal options like the ‘Lachcha paratha’ combo and more, which are filling and healthy,” he details.

For those who love digging into sweets, there is the ‘Kulfi falooda’, which is a treat to both the eye and the tastebuds. “Our other top sweets are ‘Gulab jamun’ and the ‘Moong dal halwa’. We also have a unique ‘Falooda rabri’,” he says.

Want to wash down a full-fledged meal with a beverage? “We have the ‘Nimbu soda’ or ‘Nimbu pani’ which make for lovely refreshments. We also have ‘Lassi’ and milkshakes which are quite filling,” adds Anil.

The eatery, which can seat around 38 people, usually sees a mixed crowd. “We have quite a few regulars, from young professionals to people who stay in paying guest accommodations in this area. Our crowd is dominated by North Indians though we also see some South Indians who like to indulge in our food,” he says.

‘29 Degrees North’ is located No 63, 1st Main, Green Park Layout, off Ramamurthy Nagar Main Road, Banaswadi.