Magnificent art of matching

Magnificent art of matching

Right in the middle

Come the festive season, it is pleasing to see people, young and old, taking part in their respective traditional celebrations in their best outfits. This instinct is invariably predominant in the fairer sex, without prejudice to a fairly good number of the male species with a fine sartorial sense! Who add a glittering zing to the occasion, which has led to fancied researches in trendy apparel, cosmetics and ornament designs to match the time and style.

Come to think of it, there is hardly any sphere in our day-to-day life in which the factor of matching doesn’t feature. What is amazing is that this perception stretches far beyond the mundane earthly aspects. The creator of ‘matching’ seems to be Mother Nature herself. How else do we explain the artfully matching and stunningly beautiful landscape laced with breathtaking blend of colours in trees, flowers, birds and countless other elements created so skilfully that adorn our planet. One cannot help feeling overwhelmed by the splendour, the orderly sequence and pattern of seasons matching the requirements of every living being on earth.

The very sound of music itself is the synchronised confluence of divine swaras. It is believed that the seven-basic notes — sa, re, ga, ma, pa, dha and ni (from which myriad soulful ragas have been derived) — were formed from the natural cries of peacock, oxe, skylark, goat, crane, heron, blackbird, frog and the elephant! Nothing can torment a music lover more than a single note in a raga being mismatched by the singer!

Even the food items that we so relish have to be aesthetically matched if they are to be palatable. Mouthwatering indeed are the combinations of idli-vada and sambar, poori-sagu, chhole-bhature, pulao-raita, pav-bhaji, spaghetti and meatballs and many more. Even a slight mismatch in any of these combinations would result in an unholy taste inviting sour faces from gourmands and gourmets.

And how can we not appreciate those thoughtful beings who conceived the concept of dress-code to match every activity in all facets of our life - be it sports, defence, judiciary, police, schools, hospitals or religious conventions? Matching dress-codes emphasises the functional identification and importance of every service. It would be a huge cultural shock if a purohit were to turn up in police uniform and vice-versa.

Matching assumes enormous proportions when it comes to the matter of matrimony. As per swell-established traditions in certain parts of our society, marriages are fixed only after carefully scrutinising and matching horoscopes pertaining to the prospective individuals. Ironically enough, it is here that disastrous mismatches occur, raising baffling questions about the very process of match-making!