Easter's Flower Basket!

Easter's Flower Basket!

Easter's Flower Basket!

Seema and Mini were splashing in the pond in their grandmother’s house. They came every year to Bangalore for the Easter holidays to their grandmother’s place. The water was slimy and green but this was the only water they could play in, with out getting shouted at by the grown ups in the house. It was hot and the thought of getting some water to play with was wonderful.

There were some fish in the pond, the water level was very low because of the burning sun overhead and no rains. The poor fish would not survive if it did not rain soon. Seema was just getting an idea of how to try and save the fish when she heard a voice from the house, her aunt calling them to get ready to go to church again!

These endless  trips to the church were so boring. Mini got up scaring the poor fish, and muttering under her breath and walking with muddy feet to the entrance of the old house.

They had to wash again and put on their Sunday best and again troop to the huge stone church. If they got distracted then their aunt would give them dark looks and that meant no dessert after dinner.

One hour later and several irritared shouts from all their relatives, Seema and Mini trudged behind their assorted family of cousins, aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents to the church. They could not help wondering what all this fuss was about. This according to her grandmother was holy week and they had to go to church almost every day of the week.

 One of their older cousins walking behind them noticed and commented on their glum faces and irritated retorts. She joined them saying “Have you wondered why in the season of so much sadness, mother nature is celebrating?” she continued “ Look around you, here we are going to church on the sad occasion of the death of Jesus but all around you can find the most beautiful trees blooming with a profusion of colors and shapes of flowers.”

 “ Instead of  being glum let us collect the different flowers and try to name them all.” True enough when they started looking around them they realized that there was so much to see.

Then and there they decided to start collecting as many different flowers as they could on each of their visits.Seema got an idea of making a scrap book of all the spring flowers that she could collect and show her teacher at school. Neha her cousin went on to tell how Easter time used to be the time of the Spring festival all over the world and with the beginning of Christianity  it became Easter and many of the customs also continued.
 Long before the celebration of Easter, people celebrated a spring festival.The sun was an important part of the celebration. Without it, there would be no life on earth. The people feasted, danced, sang, and exchanged gifts. They rejoiced over the rebirth of life in the fields and forests. Today these customs and legends combine to make our Easter Sunday.