Go light this summer!

Go light this summer!


Go light this summer!

As the summer heat creeps in, it is important to dress appropriately keeping in mind the humidity level. One should also follow the advices for the summer and keep the rays at bay.

Summer clothes ought to be light and most importantly, comfortable. Put away those lacy long-flowing skirts and thick tee-shirts. Go for fabrics that will help promote sweat evaporation and keeps you cool. Go for tunic, capris, one-piece dresses, which can also be clubbed with jeans.

You can opt for sleeveless and one-shoulder dresses, sleeveless shirts and tops, halter and tube tops, light-weight dresses etc. Synthetic clothes need to be avoided totally during this season. Rekha S, a designer says, “Avoid wearing dark-coloured clothes as they absorb heat and make you burn more. Light-coloured clothes are right for summer and cotton clothes are the best choice.” Avoid overdressing. Like wearing a jacket over a tee-shirt. It will turn out to be very suffocating and can put one in an uncomfortable zone.

Rajneesh, a store manager, says, “During summer, our store collection usually comprises capris, bermudas, shirts and tee-shirts which are short-sleeved or sleeveless and spaghetti tops. Most of the clothes are in stripes and floral patterns and these patterns are usually not very big or small. The colour of the clothes is usually white, which is perfect to beat the summer heat.These are clothes designed for summer by our designers and customers prefer such a collection.”

Experimenting with patterns and neutral colours can turn an ordinary looking dress into something very whacky.  Shorts are very popular with youngsters. Rekha adds, “The size and weight of clothes should be kept in mind. Loose-fitting clothes will not only allow movement of air but will also help your skin breathe and will prevent the skin from becoming sore, itchy and being prone to rashes.”

Club your clothes with open sandals, bandanas, sunglasses and sun hats.  They give a very cool and casual look. There must be a balance between style and comfort.