Cisco India on talent grooming drive

Cisco India on talent grooming drive

Cisco India on talent grooming drive
At a time when the IT industry is going through a turbulent phase, Cisco India is grooming next layer of talent to take on challenging jobs with new capabilities in information communication technologies.

In an interaction with DH, Cisco India & SAARC HR Head Christian Barrios said the company conducted a special programme called Leadership Incubation to develop the next generation of people leaders.

“This was a cohort we ran for six months on high potential individual contributors that have the aspiration of becoming people leaders. The Incubation Programme is aimed at imparting knowledge, know-how and provide a preparatory experience for them to become leaders in the future,” he said.

As part of the programme, Cisco also conducted an in-depth immersion assessment at the end of six months and track their progress.

Barrios said Cisco India has been a long-time, thriving centre for innovation and growth for Cisco. “Many of our fastest-growing and most successful products were innovated here and launched successfully in global markets. Cisco India has been incubating three next employee practices that are showing promising results,” he said.

“The next practices range from creating extraordinary experiences for new employees through 'Awesome – Onboarding,' and bringing women back to the workplace with Project Athena, to employing people of all abilities in high-performing teams that leverage technology in our Technical Assistance Centre organisation,” Barrios said.

Besides initiative like Conexion to give stretch assignments or job rotations to develop new skills or fill any gaps, Cisco’s initiatives for female employees like Jump, a nine-month programme that brings high-potential participants together to focus on authentic leadership, and Dare (Development, Authenticity, Readiness, and Excellence), a programme for early-in- career women, focusing on visibility, mentoring, and positive branding have also been initiated.

In 2017, Cisco has been ranked in the top 20 companies by LinkedIn Top Companies 2017 survey.