More 'atyachar' to follow

More 'atyachar' to follow


More 'atyachar' to follow

He is known as the modern-day agony uncle. After all, he is the host of Emotional Atyachar, a show based on loyalty tests done on real-life couples that has grabbed many eyeballs for its explicit content. Despite the many controversies surrounding the show, Angad Bedi says that he still stands by it and will also be hosting its second season.

“I chose Emotional Atyachar as I get to connect to people. And they are real people, not celebrities. I encounter their problems and try helping them out. In the process, I feel their pain too. I get to know people on a large scale, so obviously, I think the show is an ideal platform to create awareness,” he says.

The show has been touted as a violation of the right to privacy. But Angad is clear that the people taking part are fully aware of the consequences of it being aired on national television. “Whenever something is successful, there are people supporting it and then there are lots of people against it. If it was really that bad a show, the censor board would not have allowed it to go on air in the first place,” he explains. 

From the beginning, Angad was never interested in anything run-of-the-mill. That’s why, when the opportunity to present cricket for the IPL came about, he immediately jumped at it. Commenting on cricket comes naturally to Angad. After all, he has played for the Delhi Ranji Team and has grown up watching his father, Bishan Singh Bedi, the legendary spinner and India’s former captain.

But presenting live cricket was not as easy as he thought. Angad says that it has its share of challenges. “At any given time, I can talk about cricket but the challenge lies in making it sound good on live television and co-ordinating with the studio. I was a bit nervous at first but now as the season is progressing, I am getting a hang of it,” says he.

Through the IPL, Angad says he has been able to share screen space with the legends of the game and once the season is over, he will be taking back many good memories. But ask him if movies are on cards and he says, “Definitely. Offers are on the table but I don’t want to discuss them because experience has taught me that many a time, things don’t materialise.” So what can one expect in future? “Future has a lot in store. For now, I am going to host the second season of Emotional Atyachar, which will be shot all over India,” he signs off.