Kohli rubbishes report of rift with Kumble

Kohli rubbishes report of rift with Kumble

Kohli rubbishes report of rift with Kumble

As India prepares to take on Pakistan in Sunday’s Champions Trophy match, captain Virat Kohli rubbished reports of a rift with coach Anil Kumble, saying there were “no problems” between them.

Speaking to the media for the first time after several reports stated he found Kumble “overbearing” and some members of the team found the Indian legend “schoolmaster-like”, Kohli dismissed such claims, though the discomfort on his face was all too obvious.

“So, there have been a lot of speculation and a lot of things being written by people without actually being a part of the changing room, which is very strange,” Kohli said.

“There are no problems whatsoever. As I mentioned, if something is put in place as a process (on coach selection), I don’t see why people are creating so much speculation about it. It was followed the last time as well, and I didn’t see any issues being created the last time. So, it is the same process,” the skipper said.

“The team is totally focused on the Champions Trophy and I honestly don’t even know people who even try to tell me about this. I don’t even want to know anything of this sort because in a tournament that is in focus so much, and it’s such a big stage, a lot of people like to find a lot of rumours flying around, especially before the start of the tournament.

“So, they’re doing their job, they’re trying to create some nice livelihood. We’re focused on our livelihood, which is on the field and that’s all that we’re going to focus on. And unless someone is part of something, I don’t think they should sit at a distance and give judgements on what’s happening.”

“I am not here to give judgements on anyone’s life. And as cricketers, we just focus on the Champions Trophy,” Kohli said. Kohli, though, had very little words of appreciation when asked about Kumble’s contribution over the last one year. “It’s been really good. The whole journey has been good. And as long as the process is concerned, as I have mentioned, I have answered that before, and something that I don’t need to elaborate sitting here.

There are people who would know better about that and can elaborate much better. But, yeah, it’s been good.”
The Delhiite further went on to say that disagreements over issues are a common occurrence and one should not make a meal out of it. “You don’t agree with everything that’s said at home. Guys who speculate should figure out if they agree with everything. It’s a basic human nature. All I can say is, if you don’t have knowledge about something, don’t spread rumours. Just focus on cricket.”
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