Today's letters

Today's letters


In the name of austerity
It is with reference to the report on salaries, travelling allowances and perks of Chief minister and his colleagues in Karnataka.  Annual salary ranges from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 7 lakh and travelling alowances from Rs 7 lakh to Rs 18 lakh. The same for other states and centre cannot be less than this. This shows that politicians are fooling the people by saying austerity is to be observed when they themselves are not following it. Essential principles of "SERVICE, SACRIFICE and PATRIOTISM" are not being followed.  This is why honest people have no place in Indian politics.  In my frank opinion, nowadays finding a person with the above salient principles is like searching a needle in the haystack.

B S Ganesh

Nooriya gets bail!
It was shocking to learn that Nooriya Haveliwala was granted bail in drunken driving case because the cops failed to prepare charge sheet within 60 days of committing crime. Conflicting interpretations are emerging for booking under section 304 of the IPC therefore it remains to be seen whether it is 60 days or 90 days as advised by the police. There seems to be no uniformity in the application of law. Otherwise it would be construed that different set of rules are applied for affluent families. One wonders is it an escape route to avoid arrests?

Deepak Chikramane


Go for online data collection
Census 2010 has taken off. According to reports, huge tons of paper is used for forms etc.!!  It is feasible for the government to  go for online collection of data. Everyone agrees on the need to go green; this should be an occasion to demonstrate the will. I request the authorities concerned to go for the green option in the case of the census.

Nagarbhavi Road
Bangalore 72

Free and compulsory education in India
Government of India must be congratulated because they have pronounced free and compulsory education to all children within age 6-14 years. Whether the states in India will be able to work on these lines is another question.  We know that it will be difficult to construct buildings, provide furniture, establish libraries, laboratories, workshops, play grounds and at the same time to provide teaching staff in all these schools.  Most of the states are not in a position to run schools which are already in existence and it is on record that posts for teachers are lying vacant because of paucity of funds. A large number of children who are within this prescribed age limits are already at work and they are earning and helping parents. The state will face difficulty in putting all these children in schools and to compensate parents who had been collecting money from these children at work. We hope the state will be able to cope up with all these difficulties and will come out with flying colours.  This had been introduced in the Constitution of India from the very beginning under the head-Directive Principles of State Policy, which was not implemented till now. We lost much time, but still we are happy that the present government has come out with this Act. Congratulations to Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Dalip Singh Wasan
Patiala, Punjab

Authorities are hand in glove with anti-social elements
Today early morning when I arrived outside platform 10 of City Railway Station rear entrance. I and my family faced a rude shock when we tried to hire a prepaid taxi to our destination in Bangalore. The traffic police in uniform said there were NO prepaid taxis and directed us to a Maruti van with no registration number, meter, speedometer, door handles inside the vehicle... the goondas who were hand in glove with the police loaded the vehicle with our luggage and we were thrust a printed tariff card with rates unacceptable, day or night. The condition of the vehicle was unimaginable and we reached the destination more due to the Providence. When we contacted MERU prepaid taxis, we were told that they are NOT allowed inside the Railway stations in Bangalore!! This is obviously a racket run by selected vehicle owners and goondas around Bangalore railway station and the traffic police and Railway authorities seem to wink at the goings-on for sometime now. There is NO point in promoting tourism when the authorities themselves are hand in glove with anti-social elements. The worst passing comment was made by the vehicle driver that if we wanted prepaid taxi of  high standard, we should go to airport and NOT to railway station!! I wrote a compliant to the Traffic Commissioner but I do not expect anything to change.

N.K. Raveendran
Vartur Hobli PO
Bangalore 560102