Man 'films' women in IT company's restroom, caught

Man 'films' women in IT company's restroom, caught

Suspect earlier worked in the firm's cafeteria

Man 'films' women in IT company's restroom, caught

A 25-year-old man who previously worked in the cafeteria of an information technology company has been arrested for filming women employees in a restroom of the firm.

The suspect, Paramesh, worked in the cafeteria on the fourth floor of the IT company in Kundalahalli, east Bengaluru. Around 2,000 people work at this firm, police said.

On the fourth floor, apart from the cafeteria, there are restrooms for men and women. “There are two toilets in the women’s section with a partition in between. There is a one-foot gap between the lower side of the partition and the floor,” a police officer said.

The incident occurred on June 3 when Paramesh entered a women’s toilet and reportedly hid there for a long time. A woman employee who entered the other toilet saw a mobile phone lying on the ground with its video recording mode on. She became suspicious and alerted the security guard.

“The guard tried to open the door of the other toilet, but it was locked from inside. Moments later, Paramesh rushed out carrying the phone and ran away,” the officer added.

He sprinted to his paying guest accommodation located nearby and reportedly deleted all the videos. He was arrested on Sunday, and a court remanded him in judicial custody. “We have booked him for voyeurism under IPC sections 354B and C and under section 66E of the Information Technology Act,” the officer said. “We have seized his phone and have sent it for forensic examination to retrieve the deleted files.”

It also emerged that Paramesh’s employment was terminated a month ago but he kept visiting the cafeteria at weekends. “We are questioning the company’s management as to how he got access to the premises and whether his police verification was carried out before he was hired,” the officer said.
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