Woman patient waits for whole day for admission in Wenlock

The woman, Salma (20), is a victim of LPG cylinder blast. Being a 9-month pregnant, she bore serious burns from face to stomach, and spent about a month in the Wenlock Hospital in April-May. Though she survived, she lost her baby.

However, last week, Salma was asked to come back with her husband after a week, since “she required a major plastic surgery”. Accordingly, she arrived in the hospital on Wednesday morning.

“The doctor on duty told me that the doctor concerned would be here only tomorrow, and hence I should wait for a day. I’m poor and I cannot afford to stay in a lodge. Hence, I requested the hospital staff to admit me, but they refused,” an upset Salma told a section of the media in the evening.

“The security asked me to stay out. They also brought a police and forcibly sent me out,” she added with a choked voice. Since the mouth and chest of the patient merged due to the impact of the mishap, she spoke with great difficulty.

However, Ambika, a staff nurse said: “I don’t know what happened in the morning. When I came by 6 pm, there were two emergency cases and hence I asked Salma to wait for half an hour. When I called her by 6.30 pm, she refused to come.” The patient claimed that she was asked to come back only when the people with her called some of the media persons. But the hospital staff denied this. “We are not so inhuman. Since we had to attend head injury cases, we just asked her to wait,” Ambika said. Seetharam, a security personnel said he asked the patient to go out since outpatients are not supposed to be in the hospital in night hours.

At the end of all bustle, G Y Kamath, the in-charge of the casualty wing, said that they were admitting the patient.

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