Sunday turns fun day

Sunday turns fun day

Club culture

Sunday turns fun day
Being part of a club is nothing new but imagine joining one where you don’t know what you are going to do next. ‘The Sunday Club’ is based on the principle that variety adds joy to life and the members engage in new activities every time they get together.

“It is all about spending your Sundays in a productive way along with like-minded people,” says Raj Kesavaraj, the founder of the club and an entrepreneur. “We try everything from trekking, going for movies, exploring new restaurants, house parties and so on. It all depends on the members’ interests.”

So how does it work? “We have a WhatsApp group where people put suggestions about things we can try out during the next meetup. Others say what they think about it and finally we zero in on something. We also keep an eye out for different events happening in the city and participate in them. Last week, we tried out the Ramzan market at Koramangala and all participants had a gala time,” says Raj.

For Udhaya Kumar, an architect, it was the prospect of meeting different people from different fields that attracted him to the club. “From a theatre artiste to a chartered accountant, I have got a chance to interact with so many people. And the club not just helps to expand your current interests, it also helps you to discover new ones. People have become foodies and riders after joining us,” he says.

Srikala Tampi looks forward to meeting people from all age groups and trying out new stuff on Sundays now. “Variety is the spice of life after all and apart from the different activities, the meeting and gathering itself is a lot of fun.”

Asked about her favourite time with the club, she says, “I love it when we go for movies, I am a huge movie buff. And we try out new eateries which is also fun. In fact, food is one of the most fascinating ingredients of our group.”

Saurajit Mohanty agrees to that. “I love to cook and I have learnt about many South Indian dishes after joining this. We have been to 2-3 eating joints so far and they have all been fantastic. And apart from food, we talk and learn about so many new things. It is a bunch of people who don’t know what to talk about but have numerous common topics to discuss,” he says with a laugh.

Abhinav Singh Rana signed up to make new friends and to explore Bengaluru, a city new for him. A few months down the line, the club members are akin to family now. “A few months after I joined, it was my birthday and I asked in the WhatsApp group if anybody was interested in joining me for a quick meal that day since I was a bit lonely. Around 17-18 people turned up and organised an impromptu birthday party for me. I was meeting some of them in person for the first time but yet they all came, bearing gifts for me. It was a very special day for me,” he recounts fondly.

Kushi Shiv, a dentist, also joined the club as a means to meet new people and get to know the city more. “People from all over Bengaluru are members and they let us know about the different events happening in various parts of the city. So whoever is interested can come together and form a mini group and head out. I have learnt quite a lot about this place now,” she says, adding that the members are looking forward to a trip to Nandi Hills soon.

(The club can be contacted at 9901788700)

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