Tails of the city

Tails of the city

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Tails of the city
’TherPup’ cafe is located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and is the perfect getaway for your dog from a hectic and busy schedule...oh, and for you too!

The cafe gives a fresh and relaxed vibe right from the entrance. Guarded by nine excited and extremely friendly canines, smiles are guaranteed right from the beginning. It takes a while to find the place though
but who minds digging for treasures?

“The atmosphere is one of  care and affection. For someone like me, who's not very comfortable with animals, a setting like this encourages me to let go of my fears and mingle with the canines,” says Ananya Sen, a data analyst at MuSigma.

The cafe was conceived when Ankur, a software engineer by profession, found it difficult to adopt a dog owing to his schedule.

“I started looking for places where I could just go and spend some time with dogs, but found none in the city. That was when I realised the need for a place like this  because I was sure there were many more people who felt just like me.”

And so ‘TherPup’ was started with a few dogs that were adopted and rescued.

“We trained them as and when they came in. It takes a lot of love and patience because that is all they understand,” Ankur adds.

“A treat followed by a command always seals the deal,” says head chef Vinayak, who prepares fresh food for the dogs everyday. Interestingly, their menu also has a canine-section with food bowls and ice cream. Though the cafe is better known for it’s unique concept, the food does not disappoint, even if it is a bit on the pricey side.

John Daniel, an avid dog lover and owner of a labrador says, “I heard of ‘TherPup’ through a friend and it sounded wonderful. I will definitely visit the place again.”

Since dogs have an aggressive instinct towards other dogs, visitors’ dogs are not let in immediately.  They are first calmed by the staff and made familiar with the place and dogs. Leashing is not encouraged inside the cafe, unless your pet is prone to aggression.

“I think this place would make for a perfect Sunday picnic with my friends and family,” says 18-year-old Meghana Kuppa.

With a pet store that has just opened up inside the cafe and plans to conduct stress-buster programmes in corporates, ‘TherPup’ seems to be on the right track.