Caught in the app

Caught in the app

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Caught in the app
Everything is at one’s fingertips today, thanks to the overarching apps that cover every aspect of our lives. From food, shopping, healthcare and fitness to transport and entertainment, there is an app for everything now.

However, there are mixed opinions among people when it comes to what they really think about having an app for everything. Some say that they save precious time which would have been otherwise lost in queues and traffic jams, while others feel that everything at one’s fingertips has only made people lethargic and less creative.

People like Rafi Ali Khan believe that apps have made life easier. He points out that it is difficult to venture out in the traffic for everything and that’s where an app comes to one’s rescue. “There’s always a two-way communication when you are using an app. I use apps to order groceries, shopping for electronic goods, plumbing and even for getting my car fixed. Even if you forget your order, you will be reminded about it,” says Rafi. He finds app-based services extremely reliable and dependable. “Why take the trouble to drive around in traffic when you can get these services at your doorstep? Apps help save time, energy and money,” he adds.

It’s been seen that more women use apps (as compared to men) and don’t shy away from trying new services. Women top the list when it comes to using app-based services for shopping, fitness and spa treatments. Poonam Gupta, mother of a four-year-old, barely finds time to venture out of her house. She discovered an app that helps her get spa treatments done at home. “It’s safe, hygienic and comfortable to get beauty treatments done at home. This helps me save time which I am able to devote to household chores and other things,” says Poonam. However, she adds that she misses going out once in a while.

Sharmistha Sikdar, a fitness freak, recently bought herself an app which helps her track her fitness levels and adhere to a strict workout routine. “The app givesa me an idea of how many calories I’ve burnt, the time taken and my heart rate. It’s an inspiration for me to work harder because I am thrilled when I’ve burnt enough calories. There are also days when I feel disappointed about not having devoted as much time as I should have to working out,” says Sharmistha. She says that apps for fitness and healthcare are truly encouraging.  

Rohini Kumar, an IT professional, begs to differ. She thinks apps kill creativity and leave one feeling lethargic. “I always find it better to visit a store physically to shop or avail other services because this encourages personal interactions and also helps one manage their time. Apps take away that personal touch,” adds Rohini.