Going wild with mangoes

Going wild with mangoes

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Going wild with mangoes

There’s a reason why mango is considered the ‘king of fruits’. It’s perfect to consume at any stage and in any form, cooked or raw. That's’ why many mango lovers adhere to the phrase ‘When life gives you lemons, throw it back and say ‘I said I want mango!’.

With the Monsoon season here, mangoes are slowly making an exit, but a few foodies are experimenting with this fruit and getting creative with it.

Monika Manchanda, a food consultant and blogger, says, “Growing up, I was never a fan of mangoes. I would probably have one mango during the entire season or a mango shake at the most. People found it surprising but over time, I have become a hardcore fan of this fruit.”

She has been trying interesting combinations with mango — a dish made with mango and chicken, to be precise. She says, “Since it is an Asian dish, I’ve added a hint of chilli. I’ve also been having a lot of salads with the fruit. We have been seeing a lot of experiments with mango and one such item is mango sushi.” Creating a mango curry isn’t something new to Indian cuisine, but have you heard of ‘mango dal’?

Deepa Murali, a food blogger takes pride in preparing this at home. She says, “I’ve usually heard of using raw mangoes for the ‘dal’ but I tried with the ripe ones. It came out really well and my son absolutely loved it! It was a good combination with ‘pulav’ and ‘roti’.” The enthusiastic cook has also been making simple dishes like ‘mango kheer’, ‘mango halwa’ and ‘mango cheesecake’ this season. She adds, “It was my son’s birthday recently and he requested that I make about 30 mini mango cheesecake to distribute for friends. It was a fun project, I must say!”

Apart from trying only savoury dishes with the king of fruits, some are going classic by creating sweet dishes and beverages.  Harshita Bisaria, a food stylist, says, “Mango can be used in different forms. I recently made ‘mango curd’ which can be consumed either as a topping for a dessert or a filling. Sometimes I even make a smoothie out of it in the morning. I also prepare ‘Aam Panna’.”

As the mangoes slowly taking a back seat, she hopes to start experimenting with stone fruits like cherry, peaches and ‘jamun’.