Inking with caution

Inking with caution

Safety first

Inking with caution

Every tattoo usually has a special story or memory behind it, due to which one holds it close to their heart. Getting yourself inked is an exciting prospect but what’s important is to not rush into it and carefully consider the precautions and safety measures that need to be followed to avoid any misadventure.

Akil Anand, owner of ‘Skindeep Tattoo Studio’ and a tattoo artist himself, says that they give utmost importance to tattoo safety to keep any infections at bay. “After getting a tattoo, we ask clients to wash the area completely with plain water after two hours. On the second day, one should have a shower without rubbing soap directly on the tattooed area. On the third day, we ask them to mildly tap olive oil or baby oil after the shower since the skin dries up and it starts itching,” he details.

Akil adds that since the climate is sub-tropical here, they ask their customers to refrain from using any ointments and creams and also avoid direct contact of the tattooed area with soap.

“There are two very important things which are to be followed for the next couple of weeks after getting a tattoo. Firstly, one mustn’t soak in water, which means either sea water or swimming pools. The high chlorine levels and exposure to multiple people increases the risk of infection. Secondly, one should also not work out since that ends up stretching the skin in that area,” adds Akil who emphasises that they clearly communicate everything to their customers and also provide an aftercare sheet.

The trend of using metal grips and needles that need to be sterilised has become outdated and most tattoo studios stick to disposable plastic material nowadays.

John, a student of St Joseph’s College, got an ‘anchor’ tattoo recently, signifying his love for travels. “I have got a few tattoos before this as well. I have not suffered any infections and my skin has healed up completely after each session. I would advise youngsters to only visit known and recommended studios. Also, transparency is important and one should be able to see the products being used. Lastly, one must fully follow the precautions and measures given by the artist. If you don’t do that, you can’t blame them for any mishap,” says John.

He was happy as the studio he got inked at asked him to pay them a visit after 20 days, just to see if everything was fine.

Kumar, another youngster who has a tattoo, says, “Most people in the city, including youngsters, have become increasingly aware of tattoo safety. In my opinion, even the established studios here take good care to ensure their clients’ don’t face any issues later. One must follow the precautions carefully. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry,” he says.