Letting her hair down

Letting her hair down

My perfect weekend

Letting her hair down

It is rare that I get a weekend all to myself, away from the sets. But when I do, I have some beautiful moments to cherish. If I am shooting, then the only thing I do is to come back and sleep. If not, I watch a movie on Friday as there are many new releases. I love watching movies in all South Indian languages with friends, be it from the industry or otherwise.

I also hit the gym, which makes me refreshed. I don’t do very intensive workouts — it’s just cardio and weight training usually. I love swimming as it is very relaxing.

I also love playing badminton as it rejuvenates me.

Sometimes, I just like enjoying a quiet dinner with friends. I have a lot of friends here, so either I go to their house or they come over to my place. My best friends are Pavana and Samina and I try to make time to meet them whenever possible. From discussing a project that I’m working on to the outfits that I am wearing in a film, we talk about everything under the sun.

At times, I also spend the night at my friends’ place. Just before crashing, I watch videos online, which relaxes me.

I follow ‘Superwoman’ and watch more such comedy videos instead of a full-fledged movie. I wake up late on Saturdays and love to spend time with my father Manohar Shetty and mother Vasanthi.

I enjoy my mom’s cooking, especially her ‘biryani’. After a sumptuous meal, we try to catch a movie or watch TV. I also like reading, be it on spirituality, personal growth or fiction.

A fun and lively dinner at ‘Shiro’ or some other pleasant place with my friends Sam, Manoj, Mithun, Dattu, Pavitra, Dhivya and Savitha is also part of Saturday’s plan.

Before my parents moved here, I only had my friends to fall back on. So they often send me on a guilt trip if I don’t spend enough time with them!

My Sundays start much later. By the time I am up, the sun is nice and bright.

I am a homely person, so it’s mostly about being home and with family and friends on weekends.  The day includes me visiting the salon or just listening to any kind of music except rock or metal.

Whenever my pet ‘Bane’ is around, I enjoy playing with him. He is such a bundle of joy! I like pampering him with a grooming session or a spa treatment.

My friend Chengappa and I are actively involved with ‘Aadyaa Foundation’, which provides education
to underprivileged children, and I enjoy spending time with the kids there. Once I am back home, post dinner and some relaxation, I prepare myself for the week ahead.

I sleep earlier on Sunday night as Mondays usually start with hectic shoots. These are things
which usually happen if I’m not travelling or at a movie set already.I was bitten by wanderlust a long time ago. I love going to the beaches as they are very exciting and relaxing.

The varied sights and sounds always widen one’s perspective on life and prepare you for new experiences.