Tricks to get that perfect look

Tricks to get that perfect look

Tricks to get that perfect look
You need to be at the top of your game when it comes to make-up and looking your best, be it at work, Sunday brunches, or for your evening wine and dine parties. Your make-up has to be appropriate for each occasion, and for that, you need to know the basic differences or the intricacies of each look. While for work, you need to keep your make-up subtle yet classy, attending a brunch requires a fresh and effortless look, and when it comes to evening parties, you need to go all out with something edgy and bold that makes you stand out. To begin with, select cosmetics that align perfectly with your skin tone. Here are some tips to look your best anywhere any day:


Your make-up for work should be edgy with an understated glow, something that is amazing without being too distracting, loud and gaudy. You must avoid glittery lip products or smokey eyes, since they need reapplication, and it cannot be done during your busy work schedule.

Apply a concealer since it hides blemishes or spotty skin, and a little bronzer would help highlight the contours of your face. A neutral eyeshadow and a thin coat of liner will define your eyes. Go easy on your lips with nude-pink shades or equally light and refreshing shades. The dewy look has become popular on the runways across the globe. You can pull off this look if you style it sensibly with trendy office wear. Use an illuminating light-weight foundation. Use a highlighter in a reverse contour style, and apply it on the high planes of your face. Blend it using a wet makeup sponge for your perfect dewy look. Use products that keep your skin hydrated, since you will be wearing make-up all day long.


Brunch is usually scheduled at that time of the day when you are too lazy to apply layers of make-up. Sporting a no-make-up or nude look works perfectly for this occasion. Nude make-up gives you an opportunity to show off your natural beauty, and it also feels light on your skin.

Your moisturiser is your best friend when it comes to perfecting this look. Apply moisturiser then use a light-weight base. Use a bronzer or highlighter and spread it with your fingers to highlight the high planes of your face. For the blush, use a light shade in coral pink, hibiscus or peach to give your skin a subtle flush. Use light metallic eyeshadow to add some depth to your eyes and darken your eyebrows for a sharper look. Finish with a lip balm or a nude colour lipstick. You could also use a shade that matches the natural colour of your lips.


If you are heading out to party, it is time to go all out and experiment with bold colours and styles. You could go for — glitter on the lips, colours like yellow or tangerine, graphic eyeliners or even unicorn make-up.

First apply some moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated, then a primer — gel or cream — in keeping with your skin type. Use light-weight concealers and foundation. Highlight your eyes with shimmery dark colours like gold, copper, deep plum, emerald, cobalt, etc. Apply a thick layer of mascara and darken your eyebrows to get a bold look. Lipstick shades can range from bright reds to poppy pinks and even yellow, glossed on in thick layers.