Human relations change with technical revolution: Giraddi

Human relations change with technical revolution: Giraddi

Well-known critic and writer Dr Giraddi Govindaraj said the changes in the values in literature cannot be termed right or wrong and human relations change with technical revolution.

Delivering a lecture on 'Rational Basis of Kannada literature' at Rashtrakavi Govind Pai here on Friday, he said, “Several young writers are producing good stuff today. Vasudhendra has written boldly about homosexuality.

Similarly, Nagaraj Vastare has written about physical intimacy of man and woman. There was a time when people thought that one a man or a woman should be loyal to only one woman or one man. But all this has changed now. Human relations have changed a lot today."

He said literary styles are getting mixed today. More than the style, the express of experience is important, he observed.

Govindaraj said, “I had referred to the middle path recently. There are several points between the Right and the Left. Middle path does not reject Rightist or Leftist views. It is an impartial expression.This impartial stand will bring in peace and pave way for a healthy debate.”

He said that literary experience plays a major role and the sanctity of literature has secondary position. The increasing revolution of Western lifestyle has affected Indian values, he felt.

Govindaraj said writers like Bendre, Kuvempu and Masti are very are to find. They promoted the literature in a simple way, he said.