Residents may have lost houses for nothing

Residents may have lost houses for nothing

Residents may have lost houses for nothing

The problem of flooding still persists in Avani Sringerinagar, Saraswathipura and surrounding areas off Bannerghatta Road though many houses were partially razed a year ago to build a stormwater drain (SWD)
to prevent last year’s deluge.

Torrential rain last week exposed Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike’s failure to prevent flooding in Avani Sringerinagar and adjoining areas.

Residents said they had to wade through knee-deep sewage-mixed water. To compound their problems, the Palike has diverted the water from the SWD into shoulder drains to complete work on the stormwater drain.

K Gayathramma of Royal Residency said, “The entire area was reeking a week ago because of stagnation of sewage-mixed water. Thankfully, the water did not enter our sumps.”

Monsoon has set in and the construction work on the drains is still incomplete and may not be completed for another year.

A resident, requesting anonymity, said, “We have been subjected to unnecessary harassment. Despite having all the necessary clearances, our houses were demolished to create a stormwater drain to prevent flooding. The irony is that the recent rain flooded our locality again.”

She was afraid that blaming the BBMP or the government may complicate her problems. She said there was too much politics in her locality ever since the demolition drive began.

“Our load-bearing walls and pillars were destroyed. We have built new pillars and beams to support whatever structure is left after demolition of a portion of the building. Many cracks have developed,” said the woman.
Water pipe in SWD
The Cauvery pipeline in Avani Sringerinagar, Saraswathipura and Royal Residency has been laid inside the newly constructed stormwater drain in which sewage flows.
Any leak in the pipe would contaminate the drinking water. At a few places in Saraswathipura, the newly built box-type stormwater drain has been broken to let in the rainwater from the shoulder drain. The broken portion of the SWD reveals that it is completely clogged and the sewage is flowing into the shoulder drains.

Home destroyed
Diwakar is still trying to cope with the devastation that ensued after the flooding last year.
A resident of Saraswathipura near Avani Sringerinagar, Diwakar spent nearly Rs 10 lakh to repair his house after BBMP razed a portion of it to build a stormwater drain. Two pillars of his porch were brought down, the size of the hall was reduced, the floor level of his house has gone at least three feet below and the stormwater drain has consumed his sump.
He has erected three load-bearing beams inside the hall to support the roof. He constructed a new sump inside the hall. The building has lost all its aesthetics. The only consoling factor for him is that he still has a house.