McKenzie looks forward to exciting tie

McKenzie looks forward to exciting tie

South Afri­ca batting coach Neil McKenzie, after overseeing an optional training session in the indoor facility at the Lord’s, said his side is looking forward to virtual quarterfinal against India on Sunday.

“If you look at how we’ve played over the last 18 months, we’ve got the No 1 ranking for a reason. We definitely fancy our chances in any competition, whether it comes off or whether you play well or badly, it’s about putting your game and your blueprint on the day. If we follow our blueprint and do the basics well, hopefully we will come out on top. But India are a class side. It's going to be a really good clash. But the confidence levels are still high in the side.

“Both camps will be feeling that they didn’t take advantage of the situation they were in. Both sides are under pressure. So it all depends on who deals with the pressure better. I think, the big thing is, there are lot of players who have played together and against each other through the IPLs and different competitions. It’s gonna be a really good clash and one that the South Africans will be keenly looking forward to.”

Following the hammering against Sri Lanka, there is a possibility that India could play premier off-spinner R Ashwin.

“I think South Africa will take a lot of confidence out of winning the ODI series there (in India in 2015). I think in both squads you’ve got serious players and have serious options. I’m sure Ashwin against the left-handers would be the preferred choice. But you have quality at both ends. It’s just who performs well on the day of the game.”