Fiesty cop vs badass gang

Fiesty cop vs badass gang

Movie Review

Kannada (A) **Cast: Devaraj, Meghana Raj, Yuvaraj, Sunder Raj, Devaraj, Krishna, Padmavasanthi, Srinivasa Murthy, Vijay Kashi, Raju Talikoti, Pramila Joshai
Director: Mussanje Mahesh

They are thick as thieves — the unlettered six who revel in crime and debauchery. The Jindaa (acronym from the first letters of their name) gang is a terror in the village.

Inspired by real life incidents and set in early 80s in Kollegal, Jindaa speaks of how these badasses bond over booty and bottle. But their bonhomie snaps when Ashok makes it to college, his education funded by their thefts. Much to the gang’s chagrin, Ashok falls for Sheetal, and they swear revenge.

However, the arrival of tough-talking sub inspector Anand Kumar puts a spoke in their plans.

Full of blood and gore, Jindaa’s interesting premise comes at the fag end. The twist in the tale is a surprise element. Despite the listless first half, the second half and final 15 minutes make it a worthy watch.

Jindaa also boasts of a strong screen presence and performance by Meghana Raj.