'I have waited a long while for this'

'I have waited a long while for this'


'I have waited a long while for this'

Actor Naveen Thirthahalli has been in the film industry for quite some time. His excitement knows no bounds since he will now be seen playing the hero in a few upcoming films like ‘KarigambaLiyalli MiDinaaga’, ‘Andhagaara’ and ‘Baragaala’. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the artiste talks about his roles and journey so far.

Are you nervous at the moment?

I have waited a long while for this. I am very excited! I have been in the industry for 11 years now but this will be my big break. People are bound to notice me in Yandamoori Veerendranath’s ‘KarigambaLiyalli MiDinaaga’, where I play a CBI officer.  

Tell us about your projects...

I got to experiment with comedy, action and emotional sequences in ‘KarigambaLiyalli MiDinaaga’, a thriller suspense movie based on terrorism. ‘Andhagaara’ is also a thriller and the story revolves around one night. ‘Baragaala’ is a non-commercial movie based on farmers’ issues. I loved it for the message it conveys.

What was most challenging on the sets of ‘KarigambaLiyalli...’?

To work with so many seniors, be it crew members or other senior artistes, is always a challenge. Yandamoori sir was clear about what he wanted and he helped me understand all the scenes well.

Which genre do you like most?

I love working in action movies. I have been attending stunt classes for a long time. I enjoy action scenes for their energy. Youngsters also love action more, so I always like working in them.

What attracts you to a project?

I take up a project only when it has a good storyline and will have an impact on the audience.

A few things you remind yourself when you’re on a set...

I always make sure that I am thorough with all my lines. It is absolutely necessary to be sure about one’s lines as otherwise one would not be able to do justice to their acting. When the director says ‘action’, I concentrate only on the scene and block everything else out.

Something you want to change about yourself...

No one is perfect. One requires continuous practice to do any scene well. I would like to keep perfecting my acting skills.

Who are your favourite actors in Sandalwood?

I have many favourites in the industry and it varies from genre to genre. I love Sudeep for his acting while I like Puneeth Rajkumar for his dance sequences. I love Duniya Vijay for his action stunts.  

A role you would have loved to do...

I would have loved to play Nivin Pauly’s character in Malayalam movie ‘Premam’. I love action but as an artiste, I want to explore all types of characters.