Let it rain!

Let it rain!

Let it rain!

It’s time to weatherproof your wardrobe. If you are worrying about how the monsoon is going to dampen your style from head to toe, these rain-proof accessories can provide some protection.

Raincoats and umbrellas Keep yourself dry and stylish by picking rain essentials that extend beyond their functionality. Pick your favourite trend before you buy your monsoon gear. Play with the neons and pop colours. Give polka and mini-prints a go; on your umbrella that is! Floral printed umbrellas are also a good choice if you are one for floral prints.

Shoes: Swap your leather shoes for more reliable ones in plastic. Leather doesn’t do well in moisture if not cleaned right. While boots are essential footwear during the rains, don’t let it cramp your sense of style. Pick a boot that’s both utilitarian and fun. Wether it’s a high fashion pair or a pair of crocs, choose boots with personality.

Bags: Opt for messenger bags in patent leather and bold hues. Skip the neverfulls and beach bags. They aren’t resilient to water and become dirty very quickly. Silicone bags and handbags are a big trend that’s worthy of the Monsoon. Again, don’t shy away from both pop colour and character when picking a bag. Remember unlike other seasons, Monsoon is the most forgiving of mismatched colours and bold statements that aren’t necessarily ramp worthy. So break the rules and have some fun in the rain.

Jewellery: Give in to your inner child by opting for plastic jewellery pieces and rubber watches in bright colours.

Oversized cardigans There are quite a few wardrobe picks for this season that will keep you both comfortable and stylish. Pair an oversized cardigan with skinny jeans and boots to finish the look. Oversized cardigans can be too heavy for the Monsoon, so be sure to pick a lightweight knit. Once you’ve found the right cardigan, it can be paired with anything but fishnet stockings. Try them over a skater dress, a skirt, skinny jeans or jeggings and you are good to go!

Wellingtons: Be British and sport wellingtons during the rains.It’s not only an eye-catching fashion statement but also the most appropriate kind of boot to be wearing in the rain. Pair them with absolutely anything — a skirt, leggings, trench, jacket, dress and stockings. If done right, there isn’t a combination that you can’t try with your wellingtons. We love these other looks for the monsoon. Trenches and a short dress with stockings and block heels. Breton t- shirt, with skinny jeans and a pop colour rain coat. Long sweater dress and block heels or wellingtons. Leather jacket layer on a dress and leggings, and fancy boots.

(Contributed by Pooja Gajraj)