India, US to work on saving jobs

India, US to work on saving jobs

Modi to convince Trump on win-win proposition

India, US to work on saving jobs

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump will try to seek a common ground on saving and creating jobs when they meet in Washington on June 26.

Modi is likely to tell Trump that Indian companies not only created jobs in America, but professionals from India also contributed to the US economy.

He will try to ensure that Trump agrees on a win-win proposition that continued growth of India would support hundreds of thousands of jobs in America, sources in New Delhi told DH.

Trump, for his part, is expected to nudge Modi to continue reforms and open up the economy further to spur growth and make it easier for the US companies to do business in India.

‘Make in India’
The White House has signalled that Trump would like to see Modi’s “Make in India”  initiative creating more opportunities for the US companies in India and thus create and support more jobs in America, sources in New Delhi said. Modi’s visit to Washington DC on June 25 and June 26 is going to be his first after Trump took over as the US President in January.

New Delhi is keen to use the opportunity to dismiss the perception that Indian professionals in America were taking away jobs from the US citizens.

New Delhi noted that the Trump administration toned down its “Buy American, Hire American” rhetoric ahead of Modi’s visit to Washington.

Modi will highlight that Indian technology companies directly or indirectly supported over 4,00,000 jobs in America between 2011 and 2015, registering a 10% annual growth.

He will also point it out to the US president that the Indian companies paid over $20 billion as taxes, $7 billion towards social security contributions and impacted over 1,20,000 American lives through Corporate Social Responsibility contributions.

‘America first’
Trump’s “America First” policy and his anti-immigrant campaign pitch caused unease in India’s $150 billion IT industry, which sent over 80,000 professionals to the US over the past 10 years.

Modi will convey to Trump India’s concerns over the move  tocurbuse of H-1B Visa by skilled professionals from India and other countries to stay and work in America.