9-member family troupe of violinists to perform today

9-member family troupe of violinists to perform today

Joseph is three-year-old and is the youngest member of his family troupe of nine violinists. The nine siblings include five boys and four girls, with the oldest aged 18 years. The troupe will perform at The Home for Elderly at Bajjodi here on Thursday at 3.30 pm.

On Wednesday, the eve of their biennial concert in the city, they performed for media at Hams Mart at the City Centre Mall in the city.

The 11-member family of Dr Gerard Abreo, that includes his wife and nine children, fly down to Mangaluru, once in two years, to renew their bond with the coast. Abreo, a cardiologist practising at Texas, USA, is a native of Kulshekar. His wife Nicole was born in Toronto, Canada and has a connection with the coast with her father Gerald Lobo hailing from the city.

The troupe members, popularly known as ‘Abreo Prodigies,’ are Michael (18), Daniel (17), Christine (15), Maria (13), Jane (11), Rachel (9), John (7) and Luke (5), Joseph (3).

Abreo told reporters that the family troupe started with only four children first—Michael, Daniel, Christine and Maria—performing at the house of a music-loving person from Mangaluru, who had an in-house auditorium. Since then, it has become a regular commitment, he said.

Maria recalled how she was initiated into violin by her mother cum violin teacher Nicole, at the age of three. Since then, her day, like her siblings, begins with practising music for one or two hours before going to school.

In case anybody misses morning practice, they will take it up in the evening hours. Maria said she aspires to make a career in the field of teaching, but not as a music teacher.

It’s not just the children, even the parents have music in common. Abreo and his three siblings would perform music in their primitive years. While Abreo played drums, his elder brother played guitar and his other two siblings played tambourine and piano. The siblings were known as ‘Abreo Quarter,’ among the coterie. Abreo continued with his passion for music while studying medical at St John’s Medical College, Bengaluru, and was a part of a band called ‘Medicine Mann.’ For Nicole, music is an innate talent as her father Gerald Lobo and uncle F M Lobo are musicians.