Suraj shines on final day

Suraj shines on final day


Bangalore race results

Narredu, who was adjudged the leading jockey of the winter season, was the clear topper with 48 wins, well ahead of the next best jockey S De Sousa.

On the final day, Narredu had winners in Criminal Lawyer, Advantage Logan, True Impression and Dolce Vino.

The leading trainer prize went to Irfan Ghatala who schooled 26 winners, the final three coming on the last day.

The Champion horse of the season was awarded to Poonawalla Bangalore Derby and Invitation Cup winner Becket, trained by Padmanabhan. The horse of the season honours was taken by Prithviraj-ward Sparklingadventure.

The leading tipster (newspaper category) prize was taken by Sanjevani, who predicted 101 winners, while the leading owners’ prize was taken home by Vijeth Bhandari and Anu Bhandari with a total collection of 27 lakhs.

The leading Indian jockey, with allowance, went to Khurshad Alam, after steering an impressive twelve winners.
1. Champion Trainer Trophy (Div II) -- 1200M: Spark Of Napoleon (P Arun Kumar’s) Ashhad Asbar 1; Super Gold (Khushad A) 2; Sweet Performer (Chandrasekar) 3; Hamsafar (Vinod Shinde) 4; Not run: Seven Heaven; WB: 2, 1-1/2, 2L; T: 1:16.20; Tote: Rs 36w, Rs 16, Rs 31, Rs 16p; TB: Prasanna K; Fav: Spark Of Napoleon; Fc: Rs 148; Q: Rs 96; SHP: Rs 91; Tri: Rs 821 and Rs 556.

2. Champion Trainer Trophy (Div I) -- 1200M: Eagle Claws (Santosh S Lad’s) Christopher 1; Adonis (PS Chouhan) 2; String Along (Md Shoaib) 3; Brigade’s Paradise (Vivek) 4; WB: 6-1/2, 2-1/2, 7-1/2L; T: 1:13.78; Tote: Rs 18w, Rs 12, Rs 15, Rs 18p; TB: Prithviraj; Fav: Eagle Claws; Fc: Rs 39; Q: Rs 41; SHP: Rs 38; Tri: Rs 72 and Rs 44.

3. Leading Tipster Trophy -- 1200M: Trafalgar Square (Mrs Sangeetha, Ms Gita Dhingra & Mrs Rukhsana’s) PS Chouhan 1; Enchanting Beauty (Christopher) 2; Star League (I Chisty) 3; Kalyan (Ashok Kumar) 4; WB: Hd, 3L, Ns; T: 1:16.64; Tote: Rs 87w, Rs 21, Rs 25, Rs 20p; TB: Amit Caddy; Fav: Kalyan; Fc: Rs 449; Q: Rs 260; SHP: Rs 76; Tri: Rs 1,855 and Rs 470; Exp: Rs 2,551 and Rs 1,093.

4. Leading Stud Trophy -- 1600M: Criminal Lawyer (D Shailesh Shivaswamy, Dayananda Pai P, L Shivashankar & Daljeet Singh’s) Suraj Narredu 1; Savvy Concept (Christopher) 2; Lush Lashes (I Chisty) 3; Camelot (B Sreekanth) 4; WB: 3/4, 2, 3-1/2L; T: 1:40.68; Tote: Rs 40w, Rs 15, Rs 16, Rs 15p; TB: I Ghatala; Fav: Lush Lashes; Fc: Rs 144; Q: Rs 31; SHP: Rs 45; Tri: Rs 314 and Rs 93.

5. Racing Patrons Trophy -- 1400M: Advantage Logan (Loganadan Racing Syndicate’s) Suraj Narredu 1; Lowndes Square (I Chisty) 2; Blink (Christopher) 3; Noble Guest (B Sreekanth) 4; WB: 3, 2-1/4, Lnk; T: 1:26.26; Tote: Rs 34w, Rs 14, Rs 16, Rs 44p; TB: I Ghatala; Fav: Advantage Logan; Fc: Rs 43; Q: Rs 20; SHP; Rs 43; Tri: Rs 316 and Rs 444; Exp: Rs 2,919 and Rs 1,251.

6. Leading Bookmaker Trophy -- 1400M: True Impression (A Badrinath Kamath’s) Suraj Narredu 1; Firm Amber (Vivek) 2; Snow Peaks (PS Chouhan) 3; Joriki (Vinod Shinde) 4; WB: 1-1/2, 2-1/4, 2L; T: 1:28.92; Tote: Rs 35w, Rs 16, Rs 49, Rs 23p; TB: Mahesh; Fav: Joriki; Fc: Rs 1,386; Q: Rs 495; SHP: Rs 178; Tri: Rs 2,491 and Rs 694.

7. Champion Trophy Jockey -- 1100M: Dolce Vino (Bella Vita Racing Syndicate’s) Suraj Narredu 1; Sky Drive (I Chisty) 2; Marianella (M Ravi) 3; Bolzano (B Sreekanth) 4; WB: Ns, 2-1/4L, Lnk; T: 1:09.53; Tote: Rs 40w, Rs 16, Rs 15, Rs 387p; TB: I Ghatala; Fav: Dolce Vino; Fc: Rs 56; Q: Rs 28; SHP; Rs 50; Tri: Rs 1,384 and Rs 1,927; Exp: Rs 17,171 and Rs 4,205.

8. Leading Owner Trophy -- 1400M: Hidalgo (Prakash Raje Urs’) Chandrasekar 1; Buck Passer Junior (I Chisty) 2; Royal Player (Ashhad Asbar) 3; Shisham (Vinod Shinde) 4; Not run: Pinaaakini; WB: Ns, 2-1/4, 3L; T: 1:28.00; Tote: Rs 53w, Rs 17, Rs 28, Rs 14p; TB: Sharat K; Fav: Royal Player; Fc: Rs 502; Q: Rs 312; SHP: Rs 88; Tri: Rs 734 and Rs 254; Exp: Rs 5,721 and Rs 4,904.

Jackpot: Rs 7,291 (55). Runners: Rs 397 (433). Mini-jackpot: Rs 6,170 (5). Treble: Rs 753 (124).