'I will fulfil my desire one day'

'I will fulfil my desire one day'

Singing sensation

'I will fulfil my desire one day'

You may remember her as the diva from ‘Viva’, one of the first girl bands in the country. But Neha Bhasin has come a long way since then and has carved a niche for herself.

After picking up a slew of  awards for her song ‘Jag Ghoomeya’ in Sultan, the songbird is back with her latest ‘Chan Mahi’. The song gives a contemporary twist to beautiful Punjabi folklore and is making the rounds on the internet.

She chats with Anila Kurian about the success of the song and her dreams of winning a Grammy one day.

Your latest release ‘Chan Mahi’ is going viral on social media...

Yes, it’s doing well. There are very few dislikes, so I guess that’s a good thing!

Tell us more about the song.

It means ‘moonlight lover’ so it’s obvious that it has a cheeky side but we have also given it our own twist . I wanted it to have an earthy sound as well as universal appeal. The video takes inspiration from the gypsies.

Which are the other projects that we can look forward to?

I’ve sung a song in ‘Shab’.  I also have an original under production and I’m also looking forward to the IIFA Awards.

We heard you are planning to stay back in New York after the awards...

I have a love-hate relationship with the US. This time, I’m hoping to take a break and
relax for a while before my schedule gets hectic again.

What kind of places do you like to visit?

I personally like to sit by the beach, enjoy the sun and drink a lot of coconut water. But my husband loves going to Europe for its cold weather, so we’re trying to find a middle ground (laughs).

Coming back to music, you have given your audience an array of songs to listen to. So in which genre would you slot yourself?

Oh, wow! I think I’m just a girl who loves to sing from her heart. Although I am known for my pop songs, I think it’s more of soulful songs I prefer .

You also have a lot of awards in your kitty. What do you want the next one to be?

It’s always been my dream to receive a Grammy Award. I want it for my English songs and hopefully, I will fulfil my desire one day.

Singing in various languages is your forte. Any newlanguage that you want to try out?

I’d like to do more songs in Marathi.

Which song are you currently jamming to?

I have a varied mix in my playlist. When I’m travelling, I like to listen to the radio. If I’m getting ready, I like to listen to Ariana Grande while  Micheal Jackson is my pick if I’m feeling nostalgic.

Your fashion choices have always been unique. How would you describe your style quotient?

It’s a little bizarre and completely out-of-the-box kind of thing. I am not apologetic about my fashion faux pas. Spice Girls are my soul fashionistas.