A positive move

A positive move

Stringent measures

A positive move

Despite innumerable warnings and campaigns issued in public interest, many youngsters don’t seem to heed them at all. They continue to recklessly engage in bike stunts and wheelies on the city’s roads, without a care for safety and any rules whatsoever.

Taking strict note of that, the Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP) has begun registering FIRs for the same.
The police will seize the vehicle and produce the riders before the court. And that’s not it.

They will also bar the vehicle’s release since it is tampered with for doing wheelies, declare it unfit for use on roads and have it junked at the police station.

Karthik, a student, says, “People who do wheelies on roads not only put their own lives in danger but also that of their fellow riders and pedestrians. Other drivers are constantly worried that they may also become victims of an accident that may result due to such stunts or that they may accidentally hit the person doing wheelies. Such accidents can spoil a joyful ride and even end up causing a disaster.”

Sourabh Chaitanya, another student, states that it is indeed a good idea to seize the vehicles of those doing wheelies.

“Despite repeated warnings, a lot of youngsters perform these stunts and that too without any protective gear like helmets, elbow or knee guards. City roads are not the place to do this; they might fall off and injure themselves and others. It’s best to choose a private area for doing wheelies and that too after taking the requisite permission. This move by the police will also demotivate and instill a certain amount of fear in others to not engage in such dangerous antics,” feels Sourabh.

However, Kamal Preetham R, also a student, is of a different opinion in this regard. “I think this is clearly an overreaction. Wheelies are common on the roads and I don’t see any accidents happening because of them. As far as those engaging in it are not causing any trouble to the general traffic and are wearing helmets, it should not be a problem,” he says.

“Those who are performing wheelies are not kids; they very well know the dangers involved and they needn’t be told what to do. Letting them off with a warning or imposing a fine is alright but seizing the vehicle is taking it a bit too far. Besides, there are so many other road issues that need urgent attention and should be focussed on. Why pick out only those doing wheelies?” he asks.