'I just started to learn how to cook'

'I just started to learn how to cook'

'I just started to learn how to cook'

Canada-born comedian and actor Lauren Ash is giving comedy a new definition. She is a two-time ‘Canadian Comedy Award Winner for Best Female Improviser’ and also won an award for the ‘Best Performance by a Female in Television’ for ‘Almost Heroes’. Since then, she has continued to raise the bar with each of her performances.

Lauren has also made guest appearances in TV shows like ‘Lost Girl’ and ‘Cracked’. In 2015, she started playing the main role in the NBC sitcom ‘Superstore’ aired on Comedy Central here. In a chat with Anila Kurian, she talks about her interesting journey.

How does it feel to have fans in India?
It’s quite awesome and exciting at the same time. Although the show represents a large population of America, the characters and storyline are very relatable everywhere.

According to you, which has been your best performance till date?
It has to be my character Dina Fox in ‘Superstore’. I always imagined playing a character like this and when I was offered the part, I knew right away that this is the one for me. I’m really proud of my character and what she represents on the show.

You tweet a lot about your mom’s funny comments on your life...
Yes, she is very funny and witty.

Is that where you get your humour from?
My mom says some of the most outrageous things sometimes, and she has always been my source of comedy. She’s always been supportive of my work and helps out a lot. She loves that I call her out and use her in my scripts. She feels very special about it.

Three completely random things you learnt recently...Firstly, I just started to learn how to cook. Secondly, since I’m from Canada, I’m used to four seasons around the year. It’s when I moved to California that I realised it’s pretty much the same throughout the year! Finally, my dog has a delicate stomach, so I have to watch what he eats and when he eats in order to avoid problems.