The little sweet somethings!

The little sweet somethings!

Yummy desserts

The little sweet somethings!
The Bengaluru weather is perfect right now and some warm and delicious churros will be just the right indulgence. If this brings a smile to your face, think no further and head to ‘Gobble Up Churros’. This quaint cafe brings to you the eternally favourite Spanish dessert along with some other classics.

Comical posters on brightly painted walls and classic wooden tables and chairs make for a vibrant setting. With minimalistic decor and limited seating, the eatery obviously wants to reserve all eyeballs for their food.

But this concept of ‘less is more’ is not something they follow in their servings, which are ample and filling.

This cosy dessert parlour serves not just classic churros with chocolate sauce but also many other options right from Filled churros to Churros sundaes for you to indulge in. Mini churros of three different variations, that burst into a symphony of flavours with one bite, are a good option but these are clearly are no match for the big ones. The ones with Caramel peanut and hazelnut fillings are highly recommended but the Raspberry filling or Cream cheese topping are also worth a try.

A hallmark of a great churro is when it is well cooked and tender on the inside and crisp on the outside and ‘Gobble Up Churros’ gets it right every time.

Though some may complain that the prices are a bit high for a simple snack like this, the generous toppings and flavourful fillings are worth every penny.

The cafe also serves Empanadas, Spanish omelettes and Open-faced sandwiches that are as ‘delightful on the palate as they are on the eye’ — we agree with the menu. For the health freaks, they have put in a few salad choices as well! The milkshakes and coolers are yum and worthy of a mention.

Located just off 80 Ft Road in Indiranagar, this eatery maybe difficult to spot at first sight. Parking is an issue but you will know it’s worth it after your first bite of the Spanish sweet sticks.

Since it’s a small place, it can get a little crowded sometimes but the place also has  outdoor seating. ‘Gobble Up Churros’ might take some time with your churros order for it is freshly made on the spot so it would be ideal to go with a group of friends on a lazy evening.

Find it at 46, 80 Feet road, Opposite BSNL office, Indiranagar. Call 49653307.