'I want to break the mould'

'I want to break the mould'

'I want to break the mould'

Actor Yash Shetty is excited as his latest project, ‘Noorondu Nenapu’, has garnered attention and fetched him some new projects. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor talks about the variety of roles he wants to portray.

How has the response to ‘Noorondu Nenapu’ been?
I cannot explain how excited I am. I had to undergo a complete transformation for it, where I had to shave and also had to gain weight. This helped me get the attention I deserved — there are messages coming from all across the state.

What are the projects that the audience will get to see you in?
I have got offers in quite a few movies now. I will be seen in films like ‘Samhara’ and ‘Atharva’, where I will be playing negative roles. I will be portraying a doctor in ‘Trataka’, while in ‘Saligrama’, I will be playing an elderly black magician.

Some challenges you faced while portraying these roles...
Playing an elderly black magician was difficult as I had to walk slowly, that too with a walking stick. It was also challenging to act in that costume. As a doctor, I had to talk very softly and calmly as I realised that’s the way they talk. Doctors never get emotional and I don’t think anyone else talks like them. Since I am used to talking loudly and harshly for my roles, this was quite a different thing!

How do you try to keep every role different?
Though I have done many negative roles, I try to keep my voice and my portrayal of each role different from an earlier one. The rhythm and even the breathing pattern for each role is

Are you afraid that you will be typecast as a villain?
Variety is the spice of life and I strongly believe in that. Every actor should try different characters. I want to break the mould and not just be remembered for negative roles.

What changes do you want to make in your career?
Like every actor, I want to be remembered for strong roles. I am a dedicated actor and I want to be remembered for all the effort I put in for each role. It is only when the audience gets to see me differently that they will know my vision.

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