'Gap between people, technology bridged by ISRO'

'Gap between people, technology bridged by ISRO'

Communication satellites launched by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) over the years have helped bridge the gap between people and technology and made life easy for all, ISRO Chairman A S Kiran Kumar said.

He was delivering his inaugural address during the Gurikar Mallappa Samskarothsava and presentation of gold medals to PUC toppers at Marimallappa’s institutions here on Saturday. “Ever since ISRO’s inception, scientists have been researching on ways and means to help people. Earlier, people were under a misconception that space technology is of no use to the common man. Today, however, a common man’s life is dependent on space technology,” he said.

“Just a couple of decades ago, television was a luxury for rich people in metros. Telephone connectivity was available only in a few cities and towns. However, as a result of the giant strides taken in space technology, all villages in India have television reach and almost all people have smartphones in their hands. The efforts and achievements of ISRO is behind all these developments,”  Kumar said.

“The achievements of ISRO in the fields of agriculture, fisheries, mining, education and communication is commendable. All these sectors are nowadays largely dependent on communication satellites of ISRO. Scientists help guide fishermen to reach the exact place in the seas and ocean to find their prized catch. Technology is also useful in deciding the choice of crop for reaping profits by analysing rain pattern and also soil suitability,” he said.

“Satellites are also helping save a lot of lives during natural disasters. In coastal areas, cyclones and hurricanes are predicted a couple of days in advance. Even tsunami waves can be forecast,” he said.
On the occasion, meritorious students who topped in SSLC and PUC were felicitated.