Entrepreneurship is a team sport, says expert

Entrepreneurship is a team sport, says expert

Delivering a talk on ‘Entrepreneurship as a career’ as part of the Silver Jubilee Leadership Lecture series of T A Pai Management Institute here on Friday, he said that entrepreneurship is the process of commitment besides being hypothesis testing that can prove anything right.

“It is the synthesis of existing but fragmented ideas. Most ideas are first ridiculed and opposed, but later they are self evident. These are the three phases through which the concepts of entrepreneurship pass in the due course. View of capabilities is very much important,” he added.

Capitalise correctly

Urging the budding entrepreneurs to capitalise correctly, Sabharwal said that everything takes more time and money than the entrepreneur thinks. “Colour of money is important in the long run. Besides, financial and operational fitness also counts. Entrepreneurship is a team sport and different skills are truly valued in it,” he added.

He opined that India as market has two extremes. MNCs Vs big companies and personality oriented traditional Indian family run companies. There is no contempt for these extremes, however, there calls for a stable balance between the two. Global ecosystem will crush.

Nonlinear world

“Risk of employment involves challenges. Most of the companies are infinite elongation of the straight line,” he said.

He opined that entrepreneurship is as much as personal decision and said that with respect to work experience a big job in small company will add more to the learning process.

“Diverse reading increases surface area of mind. However, diverse activities involving diverse people are also important. World is non linear. Walk with a cripple and within one year you will start limping,” he said.

Destination ‘n’ destiny

 “Cultivate a sense of destination and destiny. Never start believing critics. Over burden and contempt should be part of the entrepreneurial process,” he said.

He further opined that  human beings are irrational and imperfect and hence it is often seen that logic never wins a day for human beings.

Manipal University Chancellor Dr Ramdass Pai, TAPMI Dean Academics Dr Simone George and others were present.