Crafting her dreams

Crafting her dreams

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Crafting her dreams
One side of the room has four strings of fairy lights where almost 40 pictures of her friends and family are displayed. Next to it is a window seat with lots of stuffed toys. The third wall is dedicated to memories with a bulletin board that holds souvenirs of some of her most precious moments — right from the tickets of her first flight to the invite for her sister’s marriage.

That’s Ruth Priyanka Immanuel for you. With her feet firmly on the ground and her head in the clouds, it is no wonder this school teacher has a creative side to her that not many know. Having been interested in drawing and sketching since childhood, Priyanka has now taken it further with her vibrant bottle art, quirky dream catchers, earrings and more.

“Crafting has been a part of my life and I do it whenever I can, because it gives me immense happiness,” she says. “My sister, who is a great painter herself, is the one who brought out this talent in me. Even a single word of appreciation from her means a lot.”

While there are no particular themes for her creations (“I just work with whatever I find interesting”), she does have her favourites in colours. “Pink, purple, blue...these type of floral hues are my preferred choices. Even my room is in pink because I love that colour.”

Asked about which of her varied creations are her favourite, Priyanka says, “I like the colourful mason jars and the dream catchers the most. The dream catchers take a lot of time but it is always worth the effort.”

Talking about effort, she voices her unhappiness with the fact that many people do not recognise the hours of labour that go into even the simplest of artistic creations. “It seems as if not many value talents or such gifts. Everyone is running behind money and other material things and missing out on the more important stuff. And when others put their heart and soul into creating something, people say it’s pretty and walk away.”

But she acknowledges that she has been pretty fortunate in that aspect. “Apart from my own family, I have been fortunate enough to get a lot of encouragement, both in person and through my Facebook page ‘Just Craft’, which is very motivating. We all need a little push every now and then.”
Priyanka, who takes art classes at home, loves going to exhibitions and santhes. “Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath is a wonderful venue. I always go for the exhibitions there and come back brimming with fresh ideas. It is my dream to hold an exhibition there one day. And I also want to start a small business in future.”

And she lapses back into her dreamer mode by quoting her favourite proverb with a laugh, “She works with her hands in delight.”

(Ruth Priyanka can be reached at 9019604272)