Say it with a click

Say it with a click

Shutterbugs ahoy!

Say it with a click
Creativity is often seen as a hallmark of young minds. With a desire to do something different, many youngsters are now seriously pursuing activities like photography, which was earlier relegated to the realm of ‘pastimes’.

What makes it easier for them is the fact that thy have all the tools at hand to venture into this field as compared to the past, where photography was an expensive affair.

Jassil Jamaludhin, an engineering student says “It’s great that now one has the power and tools to capture a moment that would otherwise be lost forever.” 

Photography includes many genres and sub genres, each with their own meaning and significance. And usually young enthusiasts start off by trying all of these until they develop a serious connection with one.

“I love clicking portraits because a wide variety of postures and expressions can be brought out with a single subject. Shooting such a flexible genre is fun.” adds Jassil.

Street photography, travel photography, abstract photography — no matter what the concept, the plethora of platforms on social media makes sure that every budding talent gets due recognition for his or her work.

Talking about tools, while many swear by  smartphones with state-of-the-art camera quality, Dhruv Verma believes otherwise. He says, “They might have advanced features when it comes to optical zoom, enhanced low-light photography etc, but these digitised photos lack the quality of a DSLR image. There are factors like long exposure noise reduction that phones lack. I feel smartphone photography is not ideal for competition or exhibition pictures.”

The ardent photographer, whose work has been published in National Geographic Traveller India, has a word of advice for the new entrants in this field.

“Once you are clear about the kind of photography you want to do, master it. Keep taking pictures till you become the absolute best. I am doing that too!”

Talking about his passion for photography, Nishant Sahoo, an engineering student says, “People express themselves through a language. To me, photography is that medium. The colours in a picture describe feelings, the depth of field shapes the subject, and the subject shapes the idea. Every picture has its own story and the viewers have their own perception.”

Speaking on the recent trends, he says “Astrophotography and black and white photography are quite popular among youngsters these days. However, my personal favourites are minimalistic and monochrome photos as they make for the best Instagram pictures.”

With the influx of imaginative youngsters into this field, innovative and experimental ideas are taking shape. The sky is the limit for these youngsters.

As American photographer Imogen Cunningham rightly said ‘which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I am going to take tomorrow.’