'I'm glad I could prove I'm worth it'

'I'm glad I could prove I'm worth it'

Debut project

'I'm glad I could prove I'm worth it'
Delhi-based Ashish Bisht is no stranger to the camera. The face of many television ads, he is now gearing up for an entirely different role  — that of the new kid on the block who is getting ready to make a mark in Bollywood.  Ashish’s new project ‘Shab’ is all set to hit the theatres soon and the newbie is quite excited.

Anila Kurian gets a glimpse of the model-turned-actor’s thoughts on the industry and soaking in the fame.

How does the shift from commercials to movies feel?
In advertisements, I always played the happy-go-lucky boy; there was no time to act in those 30 seconds. But Bollywood is a completely different ball game. I’m honoured that Onir sir chose me to play the role in ‘Shab’ and I hope the movie does well.

What have you learnt from Onir?
He made me realise that acting does not mean exaggerating. You have to be natural and understand the situation being enacted. He also taught me to observe real life situations, learn from them and to be aware, even when I’m not in front of the camera.

You worked with Raveena Tandon in the movie. What was she like? 
She was just amazing. I was very excited and nervous to meet her. Thankfully my first scene with her also required me to be excited and nervous — so I was completely myself in that (laughs)! But she was very welcoming and guided me throughout the movie, in a way that a newcomer like me could easily understand. I hope to pick up that quality in the years to come.

Do you have any other projects lined up?
I do have a few but nothing to announce yet. Hopefully, you’ll know very soon.

Did you always want to be an actor? 
Well, modelling is regarded as a stepping stone to enter Bollywood, so it felt like a natural process. Since I didn’t have the financial backup to enter the movie industry right away, I worked my way into it. And when it came to advertisements, everyone told me that I had the face for it. I’m glad I could prove I’m worth it.

Are you afraid of being typecast as a ‘chocolate boy’ in the years to come?
I don’t think I have the liberty to ask for roles at this point. I work with what is given to me and make the best of it. However, with ‘Shab’, I had the opportunity to be expressive and not just be a ‘chocolate boy’.

A role you wish you played.
I would have loved to play Ranbir Kapoor in ‘Barfi’. Whether I do a good job of it or not is another story, but it would be cool.

How do you plan to celebrate the success of ‘Shab’?
(Laughs) Probably I will go on a vacation with my friends and relax. I hope the movie does well though — it’s an interesting story.