Pitch perfect

Pitch perfect

High notes

Pitch perfect

Bands of all genres, both amateurs and professionals, as well as music fans gathered for a cheerful celebration of music at ‘Fête de la Musique 2017’ over the weekend. Commemorating ‘International Music Day’, which falls on June 21, Alliance Francaise (AF) partnered with a number of venues in the city to spread the joy of music on this special occasion.

While the annual sponsor for the event was Schneider Electric (with co-sponsor Mini), the various venues included Bangalore School of Music, blueFROG, Citrus, SAIACS Ceo Centre, Take 5, Cafe Noir, Furtados, Big Brewsky and Alive1 Studio.

“It is a free popular fete, open to any participant who wants to perform in it. Through this platform, we want to encourage fresh talent and also allow exchanges between musicians and music lovers. Anyone can come and enjoy the performances,” said Anitha Sriraman, cultural coordinator, AF.

On the first day, bands from several genres, including blues, rock, metal, alternative rock, funk rockand progressive metal core, enthralled the audience at AF.

A few highlights were performances by ‘Nivin Bedford & Band’ (Western), ‘Postoiffice Town’ (blues), ‘Lil Sixty’ (featuring Ann Pearson; hiphop/ rap, pop), ‘Butterfly Defect’ (classic rock) and ‘Serendipity’ (pop and rock). The other venues too dazzled with mesmerising renditions and pieces.

“It’s been a very different experience playing at Alliance Francaise for the first time. Our band split two years back and now we’ve come together, so we needed this bonding on stage and a cross-cultural audience. It was a lovely experience!” said Nivin Bedford.

Meanwhile, Aparupa Gupta from ‘Butterfly Defect’ said, “We were like a little world wrapped up on stage. The audience was very receptive and it was a joy performing in front of our parents, friends and complete strangers.”

Athreya, one of the members of ‘Serendipity’, expressed that the band enjoys playing music more than charging for it.

“We are so glad to perform at Alliance Francaise. The vibe here is great and the audience has always been really supportive and amazing,” he said.

The second day of the event also witnessed some spectacular performances.

‘Rock Paper Scissors’ (experimental rock), ‘Ulun and Nilu’ (jazz), ‘METRONOME’ (afro jazz, acid jazz),
‘Zohass’ (acoustic blues pop) and ‘Shelly told us a Secret’ (rock) were a few of the attractions. Genres like Hindustani fusion, reggae and opera style music also found a keen audience at the event.

Ashitha J, a music enthusiast and visitor, felt that the event provided a wonderful stage for up-and-coming singers and musicians. “I am enjoying being here as there’s lots of varied music. We need more cultural activities like this in Bengaluru,” she said.

Alexandra from Russia, who has been living in the city for sometime, said, “Bengaluru has a dazzling music scene and I have come to have a few hours of fun with my little child here. I am
looking forward to a unique musical experience.”