Wait over, enthusiasts scramble to get window seats

Wait over, enthusiasts scramble to get window seats

Wait over, enthusiasts scramble to get window seats
The lucky few who managed to get tickets for the maiden Metro train from Yelachenahalli station to Kempegowda station on Sunday were greatly excited about the journey.

Grabbing tokens after waiting in long queues, they ran to catch the glimpse of the first train. Age was no bar for the excitement as both children and elders were seen taking selfies with the green coaches in the backdrop.

Children were seen running around with bunches of green and purple balloons. Once they got into the coaches, they rushed towards window seats, child-like.

As the train chugged out with a jerk, many clicking pictures lost balance momentarily. Those at the window seats fixed their eyes outside. The commuters expressed joy when the train approached Lalbagh, at the welcome sight of abundant greenery. For a few moments, Bengaluru seemed to be a Garden City once again after all the ignominies it has gained in recent years.

Each time the train arrived at the next station, those inside peeped out to gauge the size of the crowd. A large number of people were waiting at most stations along the South-North line, up to Kempegowda station.

Namratha Naresh, a class IX student at Jnana Sweekar Public School, Kanakapura, held a placard which said, “We are thankful to central and state governments and Metro officials for North-South green link phase.”

She said,”I have been waiting for the inauguration of this stretch for a long time. The linking of North and South Bengaluru makes the city well connected. People can save a lot of time and fuel.