Govt promises 24/7 water by 2013

Govt promises 24/7 water by 2013

This is part of an ambitious initiative undertaken by the Board to supply water to all 198 wards of the City by 2013.

BWSSB Minister Katta Subramanya Naidu told reporters that Sanjay Nagar, Aramane Nagar, Vasanth Nagar, Jayanagar, Rajaji Nagar, BTM Layout, Padmanabha Nagar and Gandhi Nagar figure among the wards chosen. “Work will commence by end of August and all the wards will get continuous wate by the end of this year,” he assured.

A couple of water sources within the City have been identified to boost water supply, Naidu said but did not specify th sources. He said the sources would ensure that the City receives an additional water supply of 15 TMC by end of 2012. “Five or six reservoirs will be constructed at different parts of the City to store rainwater. They would be treated, purified and supplied as drinking water.”

On the steps being taken to ensure implementation of Rain Water Harvesting structures in the City, Naidu said that BWSSB would be holding talks with banks to provide loans to houseowners to install them. “BWSSB would stand as guarantor for the consumer and ensure banks provide loans ranging between Rs 5,000 and Rs 25,000 for the public,” he added.

On the feasibility of residents of all existing buildings meeting the deadline for implementing RWH (May 27), Naidu said a decision on the possibility of extending the deadline would be decided on April 15.

Earlier, the minister inspected the Harohalli pumping station and offered an update on the 13 projects being carried out under the Cauvery Water Supply IV Stage Second Phase, which is slated for completion by end of 2011.