Explore the Interior World

Explore the Interior World

Emerson, one of the great sages of America, said on one occasion, "What lies before me and what lies behind me are small matters compared to what lies within me." It is the within that needs to be explored.

Today we are going crazy exploring outer space. It is true that outer space is infinite. But there is the inner space which needs to be explored. And if only you explore that inner space, you will be amazed. Within you is an infinity of consciousness.

In our constant state of super?cial existence, we continue to ignore the world within. In our persistent chase after shadow-shapes and worldly wealth, we lose sight of our inner consciousness. We emphasise speech, action and outward show; we forget that there is a far more valuable aspect to life called reflection, contemplation, introspection. We have no time to think of the world within. It is within us, that we will find the peace and joy we seek so desperately.

Even as there is an expanding universe outside of us, there is a larger and more wonderful universe within us of which we are not aware. Each one of us has this beauty within us. All we need to do is go within.

One day, as the sun was setting, a friend visited the great Sufi woman saint Rabia. He called out to her to come out and see the glamour of colours - oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples, in the skies outside. Rabia said to him, "My brother, comes inside. Let me take you inside yourself and you will be deeply amazed at the wonderful colors and sights that you have inside you."

To grow in the inner life, the life of the spirit, we need to withdraw from the outer world of noise and excitement.

Each day, we must spend some time, at least an hour, in silence. At the very start, perhaps, it will be difficult to sit in silence for an hour in a stretch. In due course, the mind will become calm and clear as the surface of a lake on a windless day. Such a mind will become a source of in describable joy and peace.